Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Family Vacation June 28- July 17

We decided to take a 3 week vacation to the Maritimes before my maternity leave was up. It had been 3 years since we had been that way.

Our Agenda was:

June 28 - Fly to Fredericton, NB to stay with Todd's dad for a couple of days in Gagetown, NB
July 2 - Drive to Cavendish, PEI to vacation with my parents
July 6 - Drive to Sydney, NS to spend almost a week with Todd's mom
July 12 - Drive to Ingonish, NS to vacation with Todd's mom
July 14 - Drive back to Gagetown, NB to stay with Todd's dad again
July 17 - Fly hom

We really had a lot of fun. It was great to see everyone! My number one goal before we left was tomake sure that I took lots of pictures so that the girls can remember the trip. I think I succeeded. I hope you enjoy the selection I have made to post in my entries.

There are 5 pages full of posts....don't miss any!!!

Quading June 29

Kaitlyn got to ride on a Quad for the first time. She was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Made us think that maybe we will have to buy one.

Nanny & Gampy's neighbor came over with a baby bunny. I think this one was 20 days old.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Relaxing Day June 30

Serina with Gampy Forbes
Kaitlyn was looking for the wild strawberries

Playing with all the barbies she had accumulated since getting there.

Difference in Tide

Canada Day at Hopewell Rocks July 1

Something that neither Todd nor I had ever done was walk on the ocean floor when the tide was out at the Bay of Fundy. Nanny & Gampy took us there on Canada Day. It was great. It takes 6 hours and 13 minutes for it to get from low tide to high tide and the tide there changes by 50 feet.

Our family with Nanny & Gampy Forbes

The view from the observation landing before you walk down the stairs.

We were walking on the ocean floor

Kaitlyn wanted her picture taken with the danger sign. :)

The sun was too much for Serina.

We walked in around this rock

It was a pretty long walk to get down to the ocean floor and then we were down there for a little while. We were so happy to see that we didn't have to walk back.

Travel day to Cavendish, PEI July 2

We trusted the Garmin to give us the right directions during our travel days and sometimes it wasn't quite right. I guess it is fair to say that we always got there but the routes it would tell us would usually take us longer. The route it gave us towards the NB-Pei bridge turned out to be a good one. We were able to get this great picture of the bridge from side on.

As we were getting close to the bridge

While on the bridge

We made it to PEI

Something that we don't see much of in SK...fields and fields of potatoes.

We spent a quiet night at the cottage that night.